New generation of highly intelligent robots for the home


For decades, we’ve announced the coming of super intelligent robots doing all the fastidious chores for us and helping in our everyday life. It seems that the day is finally upon us !

The new robots are efficient, autonomous and save us some precious time to do what we really like.

Take the Thermomix: it makes every day cooking simple by helping you prepare and cook healthy, nutritious meals with a very versatile kitchen appliance.The innovative device uses technology to combine the functions of twelve appliances in one for the ultimate convenience. It’s very quick and simple to achieve great results.

Fridges are another kitchen essential we didn’t think had much capacity to impress us but we were wrong ! The LG Smart ThinQ refrigerator, for example, possess incredible added functionalities like telling you on a touch screen what is in your fridge and the coming expiration dates. You can also compile a grocery shopping list with the help of your fridge and have it appear on your smartphone !

Cleaning and mopping floors has always been part of those dreadful chores we have to do. Today, the revolutionary irobot turns it into a old memory. The Roomba vaccums everywhere in the house and automatically goes back to its charger once it has completed the task. The Scooba washes the floors and the Braava does both vaccuming and washing.

What else would you need ? 

What about a personal assistant ?

JIBO is coming out soon and it will be the first assistant to the whole family by completing useful tasks like tracking and recognizing faces to capture photos and make videos, on demand. JIBO responds to the voice and can complete certain tasks like giving you vocal reminders,





Introducing the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus : slimmer, bigger, faster !

Finally the day has arrived !

Introduced at the highly awaited presentation from Apple, the new iPhone 6 can be pre-ordered starting September 12th and shipped to you, thanks to Borderlinx !

Great new features

The design of the new version of the iPhone is rounder, with a cover glass curving around the sides and thinner with a 6.9 mm thickness. The HD retina screen makes for a high quality image with a resolution of 401 pixels per inch. Its processor, the A8 chip is running 50 times faster than the original iPhone. Also, the new iSight camera takes pictures so great that there is no need for a point and shoot camera anymore !


The iPhone 6 Plus has all the same great features than the iPhone 6, but bigger ! It’s a 5.5 inch Phablet (a mix between a phone and tablet) packed with over two million pixels.

New integrated solutions

The smartphone contains great new apps to make you life easier, like the Wi-Fi calling for making high-quality calls when cell conditions are poor or the new Health app to keep track of your fitness data. But the real brand new service is the secured payment system integrated in the phone, allowing you make safe and easy purchases in a blink of an eye !

New Wearable Devices : the competition is stiffening !


Samsung got everyone excited when they announced the launch of their Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, a new Smartwatch AND a Virtual Reality Headset, the Gear VR.

Gear VR. Partnering with Oculus, Samsung created a device that can get you get immersed in a parallel world, helped with its quality HD display of the Galaxy Note 4. The Gear VR will be available later this year.

Samsung new Gear S Smartwatch is the latest in a serie, including the Samsung Gear Live that came out just last july.

The most futuristic looking smartwatch from the brand yet, with its curved display, the Gear S is also easier to swipe and tap. Now with a bigger screen and the power of auto-correct, you can type easily with the virtual keyboard.

The device comes with a built-in 3G wireless and runs on the Tizen software. Some features don’t require to hold your phone around.

In a much more classical looking style, LG is offering the LG G Watch R.

The G Watch R is one of the few rounded face devices, which makes it look more like a watch than a high technology product. The new model runs on Android (Google), uses Plastic OLED technology and includes 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage.The G Watch R should be expected before the end of the year.

Asus has also announced the ZenWatch, its first wearable device powered by Android (4.3 and higher). The thin smartwatch features a curved glass face and can also act as a “wellness manager.”

Borderlinx goes mobile

You bought your product using Borderlinx delivery forwarding services and cannot wait to receive it to your doorstep : now you can release your shipment more quickly using your phone or tablet. Borderlinx is making your international shipment easier by adapting the site to all your mobile devices.

The latest trends for your highly connected pets

Connected dog

Whatever the economic hardship we can go through, it seems that nothing is good enough for our beloved pets !

With more than 50 billion dollars (USD) spent in America every year on four-legged friends, the market is growing every year and the tech companies compete to bring connectible tools to pamper or keep track of the spoiled animals.

Among the new smart devices is the whistle activity Monitor, a health tracker for your dog to be attached to his collar to measure his activities. All the information about your dog’s daily routine shows on your phone. Shop on Petsmart.

If your dog, or cat frequently has you worried with sudden disappearances, get the Tagg, a GPS locator enabling you to track him down easily.

Cat owners will enjoy the new line of toys provided by FroliCat. The interactive toys garantee hours of fun pouncing, jumping and chasing for your furry friend. Pet owners feeling guilty about being away from their companion for long period of time, can check on them and even interact with them with the Pet Cube. The connected cube contains a camera, a microphone and a laser-pointer to interact with them while you’re away.

The company Auggie dog came up with a automatic system to clean up poop for you ! All you need tot to dispose of the hermetic bags afterwords. What a relief ! And the same exist for cats : the self cleaning litter box spaceship-looking Litter Robot.


Celebrate the 4th of July by shopping great American Sales !

Kmart-4th of july

The American National Holiday is being celebrated this weekend. And while this time is a moment for fireworks, traditional parades or get together around a barbecue for most Americans, for the retailers it is a moment for big seasonal sales ! Take a look at a few bargains in electronics and home and garden furniture. Continue reading

Amazon and Google’s amazing new technology !


Technology addicts, rejoice ! The summer starts with the launch of new advanced power devices to become your most reliable partners, on your wrist or in your pocket.

Amazon started out with a big announcement about its new smartphone, the Fire Phone, available for pre-order on now. It has all the standards features expected from the latest generation of phones, like a 4.7-inch IPS screen and a 13MP rear-facing camera with image stabilization. Its capacities are hold in a quad-core 2.2GHz chip, Adreno 330 graphics and 2GB of RAM. What makes the Fire Phone unique, though, is the unique new features like the head tracking that can detect the user’s head movements or the Firefly, allowing you to identify a product simply by taking a picture of it with your phone.

Google introduced not one but 3 brand new Android powered smartwatches during their annual big conference on June 25th. The Samsung Gear Live and the LG G watch, both available for pre-order on the Google Play Store and the Moto 360, ready to order in July.  These wearable devices have high resolution screens, are dust and water resistant, have 51MB of RAM and are extra light with a weight around 60g. But most importantly, they respond to your voice; give you directions, alert you of upcoming meetings or send you emails and Facebook notifications, so that you don’t have to pull out your phone out of your pocket.


UK’s fashion summer sales frenzy : time to shop !


Now that the countdown to the official start of the summer is a at our doorstep, it is the perfect time to get your hands on the best fashion coming from England… and there’s lots of sales!

The multinational British retailer Topshop never cease to please young women and fashionistas with its flirty and edgy collection of clothes and accessories. Once again, the summer sales promises to offer a very large range of unique pieces that you can select by size, color or category for a more efficient shopping experience.

The department stores

The temple of luxury, Harrods, is starting its big sales season with 30% off on hundreds of products ranging from clothing for the entire family to houseware and beauty. Expect prices to drop even more in the coming weeks. Another British institution, Marks and Spencer is offering serious rebates with its outlet section with price tags up to 80% off.


Footwear retailers are also featuring serious discounts on a great selection of designer shoes and sports shoes. Shop on Office or Schuh and directly find the size and the brand you need for the whole family.

For a touch of classical elegance, Aspinal of London is the site where you’ll find beautiful handbags and leather goods for up to 70% off. One of princess Kate’s favorite brands, L.K. Bennett, is treating the rest of us as well with discounts on this season’s collection, and shoes and ballerinas under £150.

Get into the Ramadan spirit

lantern Ramadan

The time for Ramadan is coming again.  A time for reflection, spirituality and hospitality. To get yourself ready for the special month and get into the holiday spirit, you can apply some simple ideas to make it unforgettable.

Besides stocking up with dates and sweets for the traditional break of the fast, you can decorate your home in a festive way for a unique feel.  Set up lanterns to your front door and your visitors will immediately feel welcomed.

To Maintain the joy of Ramadan and the anticipation of Eid, keep track of the remaining days with a countdown chart, the whole family can participate in. Place decorative incense burners all around the home and Ramadan themed fabric in the main room. If you have a courtyard or garden, you can have a tent as an outdoor entertaining space that will become the central place for your evening events. To keep cool during heavy nights, you might need a portable fan like the ones offered by Home Depôt.

After the fasting, comes the time for the celebration with the Eid. The event

will be the occasion to give thoughtful presents to your loved ones and enjoy a copious meal. For the children, Toys’r’us would have everything you need for toys and educational tools. If you want clothing, you can look at the best US designers who offer lines for the little one (Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren)

For women, jewelry and perfumes are especially appreciated. You’ll find a nice selection on charm&chain, Swarovski or Tiffany&Co.