Music Box: Photographing the All-Time Greats

Muhammad Ali standing victorious over a defeated Sonny Liston. Jimi Hendrix setting his Stratocaster alight after a smashing (quite literally) performance. These are defining moments are immortalized on film – canonized by a snap of the camera lens.

The photograph is a timeless portrait of our era, with the power to elevate mere mortals into legends, as you will see in the book Music Box: Photographing the All-Time Greats.

This is a special kind of music box, really – its musical charm is captured in over 400 pages of dramatic and evocative photos of the greatest names in Soul, Jazz, Pop, and Rock and Roll, to ever grace the world of music. We think it’ll be a riveting read for any audiophile or music lover, featuring the shots that defined music legends like Louis Armstrong, Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix, turning them from popular musicians into timeless pop culture icons, rendered in their full, unadulterated glory.

The photographs are arranged according to musical themes and it’s cleverly designed with magnetic flaps over its pages to give it that “box” effect (neat!)

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