Vintage Desktop Rides: Fiat 500 Wireless/Wired computer mouse

The year was 1957, and the place, Turin, Italy.

A post-war generation, struggling to shake off the last vestiges of war and repair an economy ravaged by conflict, called for a car that was both utilitarian and affordable.  The answer to a cheap mode of transport that would eventually see millions adopt it, came in the form of a rounded, egg-like body that could seat four – the Fiat 500.

Today, you can still own a piece of that history and drive it around. Albeit, on your desktop. We think vintage car fanatics will love this interesting little office buddy, available from Not on the High Street.  Zip about your desk with this sleek and stylish Fiat 500 computer mouse, or just keep it as part of the office cubicle interior design.

The mouse comes in two designs, the wired vintage iconic 1957 model or the modern version. Both mice are compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

If you always wanted your very own vintage set of wheels, now you can have them, albeit desk-bound.

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