Stylish Toothbrush Holders

You decorate the rest of your home; don’t leave your bathroom out. A few well-placed accessories, like a nice toothbrush holder, can make a huge difference if you don’t want to renovate – and it’s easy to find one that fits into your existing decor regardless of whether the look you’re going for is classic, modern, natural or funky.

Beautiful Barware; Brilliant Bartending

Ever dreamt of moonlighting at – or even owning – a bar? Pick up the tricks of the trade with a copy of The Art of the Bar, and start mixing up your own drinks…

Alessi Design: Merry Boy Corkscrew

Award-winning Italian kitchenware designer Alessi has always prided itself on being deeply rooted in a handicraft culture – an attitude of uncompromising attention to detail and passion for their craft, which has seen them turn out high quality…


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