Can I shop on US Online Stores with a Non-US Payment Card?

A number of online stores accept certain international payment cards, but will only ship to a US address. Please check with the merchant to find out if they accept your card.

What if they don’t accept my card?

If a merchant can’t, or won’t, accept your payment card, you can use the Borderlinx Concierge Service to place your order.

It’s a simple four-step process to get your items:

Our Concierge Service is FREE until July 16th!

Shop our customer’s favorite concierge retailers: ZapposAmazon, Nordstrom, Gap, DelleTrailer

Reminder: You must first create an account before using the Concierge Service

We recommend using our Concierge Service if your payment card isn’t accepted by the merchant, but you can also try:

– Pre-paid cards: Buy a pre-paid, or top-up, credit card online and register it to your Borderlinx Shipping Address.

– Paypal: Check here for the complete list of merchants that currently accept Paypal.

– Phone Payments: Certain online stores will let you pay by phone using an international payment card, provided that you have a US shipping address.

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