My Items were Damaged in Transit, What do I do?

We do our absolute best to deliver your goods intact and on time. Unfortunately, goods are sometimes damaged in transit. Here are the different steps to follow should this happen to your shipment.

– If your goods are damaged upon arrival to your Borderlinx Shipping Suite

Items can sometimes be damaged while in transit from the merchant to your Borderlinx Shipping Address. Though Borderlinx doesn’t have the responsibility to inspect the contents of every package upon arrival, we strive to notice damage in order to alert you as soon as possible to any problems.

If we spot obvious damage, you may be notified via email and should then contact the merchant directly to arrange an exchange/refund. Please keep us informed of what you want to do through the Customer Service Page.

On your online account, if you see a “damaged” icon next your shipment, you will not be able to release your parcels so that you don’t inadvertently receive damaged goods. Please contact our Customer Support to discuss different solutions.

– Items are damaged upon arrival to your Home Delivery Address

If your parcels are clearly damaged upon arrival, please make a note on the receipt or other document that the courrier requires you to sign. Next, open the package carefully and check for signs of damage. If your goods are indeed damaged, please complete and return the Borderlinx SafetyLinx Claim Form and send it to

Don’t Forget: 

– It is essential that you contact us within 24 hours of delivery.

– To provide photos of your damaged goods.

– To keep all damaged goods and their packaging, as you might be required to return them to us.

– If the damaged goods are electronics, you might be requested to provide a document proving that the equipment cannot be repaired.

Please Keep in Mind the SafetyLinx Shipment Coverage does not cover damage caused by: 

– Ordinary wear and tear.

– Your own wilful misconduct.

– Does not cover second-hand goods.

– Faulty electronics or non operation of goods, in the absence of any visible damage.

If your shipment was damaged and doesn’t benefit from SafetyLinx added value protection, please Contact Customer Service.

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