Borderlinx Shipping Cost Comparison






We’ve heard you tell us that our shipping fees can sometimes seem unreasonable. We’ve
therefore decided to test the experience from your point of view and bought the same product, a lightweight t-shirt in black or white, and had the items forwarded from the US to Paris, France by three different cross-border services: Comgateway, Borderlinx and MyUS. All of the items were shipped by the same carrier (DHL Express).

Let’s have a look at the details of each package that we received:


Borderlinx parcel
Borderlinx parcel contents







The t-shirt was repacked into a DHL padded envelope; all unnecessary packaging that was added by the merchant was removed. The package arrived in good condition.

Borderlinx packaging

The parcel took two days to be delivered to France from our Dayton, Ohio export facility. At only $24 for shipping charges, this was the least expensive of the three.

Comgateway parcel
Comgateway parcel contents





The t-shirt along with the merchant packaging was placed into a standard envelope, the package arrived in good condition.

Comgateway packaging

The shipping time was the longest of the three, taking a total of 5 days to make the journey from the US to Paris. It was also the most expensive at $35.65 for international shipping fees alone.


MyUS parcel
MyUS parcel contents







MyUS is the only service of the three that charges a registration fee and possible monthly costs as well, depending on the type of membership that a customer chooses.

The t-shirt was repacked into a larger DHL box, along with the original merchant packaging and some protective filled-air packets. This repacking service is offered for free by MyUS, but in this case, the item was repacked into a bigger box.

MyUS explains their repacking service in the following manner:

“Many merchants pack your merchandise in boxes that are too large or not properly prepared for international shipping. To help save you money and protect your purchases, we take extra time to ensure that all of your merchandise is properly packaged for international shipping.

Our FREE repackaging service will save you money in shipping costs, especially by reducing the dimensional weight of your packages. Our repackaging also helps ensure your purchases are not damaged during transport.”

In our test, MyUS’ repacking of the t-shirt may have increased the dimensional weight, possibly increasing the shipping cost.

MyUS packaging

The t-shirt was delivered in two days and arrived in good condition. Overall, MyUS tied for the fastest delivery time and was the second costliest at $35.30 for shipping fees, not factoring in any membership or registration fees.

We will continue to run live tests of our service and keep you updated on the outcomes.



 Shipping Weight: As marked on the carrier invoice.

International Shipping Time: Time elapsed between depart of parcel from US export facility and first delivery attempt to shipping destination in Paris, France. 

International Shipping Costs: International Shipping Costs only, not including Taxes and Duties.


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