My shopping experience with Borderlinx– FIRST ROUND- REGISTRATION and SHOPPING

Hi, I’m Alicia and I’m new to the Borderlinx team. I noticed that you have a lot of questions about how to use Borderlinx’s service. So I think, this is a chance, in this blog, to write about my personal experience using Borderlinx. This post will concentrate on my experience at registration and shopping with Borderlinx. Come back for my next posts to find out how it all goes, what I liked, disliked and my overall impressions as I go along.


Step 1: I opened, clicked on ‘Join now’ and went to the registration page. It’s not very long and it seems clear and easy. So far, so good! I just put in the info requested in the form.

Tip: for the security of our account, our password should be composed of at least 8 characters with a mix of letters (A-Z, a-z) and numbers. I really don’t have a long and secure password, but as it’s a means to protect my account, I create one.

Step 2: I clicked on ‘create my account’, the page you see below appeared. No more questions for now. I’ve done all there is to do here. The whole registration process was indeed short and easy so far.

Step 3: One more step!   As expected, I received a confirmation email asking me to confirm my email address. This is quite a standard procedure. I clicked on the link in the email and received a Welcome email and my suite addresses in a couple of minutes. Voilà! I just finished my registration. It only took 3 minutes! Honestly, it’s that simple! Time to go shopping in US and Europe as if I lived there.

Now, lets spend more time looking into this Suite address email:  A very important email for my shopping.

It indicates my suite addresses. These addresses contain a series number with format XXXX-XXXX, which is my identification number in Borderlinx.

Careful! This number is very important!  You’ll need to enter it along with your Borderlinx address when you checkout from a merchant site. Borderlinx will identify our parcel with this number.

REMINDER:  Add personal address

Before I shop, I have one last thing to do: add my personal shipping address, by clicking on ‘my personal address’ in the ‘My Account Links’ column in the top right corner.



This page is composed of 3 parts, account details, repacking service and my suite addresses.

-Account details: By anytime after registration, if I want to check or modify my information, I can come here to do so.

-Repacking service: it’s completely free, but I can choose to use it or not. I’ll use this service, because the repacking can save our transport fees a lot.

If you want to know more, see this:

-Suite addresses: I can’t remember my suite addresses at all times, but I can find them here whenever I need them.


SHOPPING with Borderlinx—Concierge

Time to go shopping! There are great suggestions on the Borderlinx website, it’s very convenient. I decided to buy a travel book and a table cloth which cost 30.72 USD in total.

We all know how to shopping online, so I chose to try out our Concierge Service. Why? Because some merchants don’t accept foreign credit card, see more:

I opened the Concierge page, clicked on ‘Place an order’ and then completed the forms you see below. I placed 2 separate orders, because I bought 2 items from 2 different merchants. I was as little worried about giving my credit card details at first but I noticed this page is secured.

Please note that you’ll need to place separate concierge orders for each merchant.


After placing my orders, I received 2 confirmation emails including all details of the items I bought. I like these emails, it includes all info I need to know!


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