Christmas Shopping Tips

Have you ever worried you’ll be spending you hard earned savings on a gift that won’t ever be used by its receiver? Here’s our guide to how making sure you get the right gift, at the right price and have fun doing so.  Only 6 steps to follow!

Step 1: Start early

Start looking and shopping early! Why? Two reasons for this: First, each US merchant will offer deals at different times before and even after Christmas. Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be the biggest sales events in November, but that doesn’t mean that merchants only give huge discounts on that weekend. Deals continue. If you don’t know where to look, don’t worry, just follow us on Facebook and we’ll send you in the right direction.  Next, the secret to a great gift is great selection. As Borderlinx opens up almost all US and UK shops to you, you can find the present you need and have it shipped to you.

Step 2:  Manage you budget

There’s a lot to think about when making gifts but money is a big part of it. Make sure you save wherever you can. Borderlinx help you, not only by showing you where to get great prices on the products, but also with it’s built in services such as 30-day free storage, consolidation and repacking.

Step 3: Make a list

If you shopping for your family, friends, your neighbors, coworkers, postman, or even for your pet, your need to have an idea of how much you will spend for each one. You don’t want to spend more for neighbors than for your immediate family, right? List them based on your relationship, like start from family and end with the postman. Carry the list with you so that when you get that perfect idea, you can just write it down and search for the present once you’re home.

Step 4: Stay informed

In order to find fun gifts, no need to hunt for quirky presents. Just stay tuned with Borderlinx’s Christmas shopping pages. . If you registered our Newsletter, you will receive our weekly gift ideas straight in your inbox (if not, you can register now to my account! You can also see what wonderful gifts we suggest on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Step 5: Don’t let borders stop you!

This is as easily said than done.  Just click here, you will find many great Gift ideas handpicked for you! Otherwise, you can always shop directly at other merchants’ websites, enter your personal Borderlinx address when you check out, we’ll ship them to you!

Step 6: keep track of your gifts

With so many presents bought, it’s easy to get a little muddled up! A simple trick to avoid your 90 year old grand-mother receiving a brand new tablet she doesn’t want is: Label each gift as soon as you received it with the designated receiver on a sticker or piece of tape you’ll remove later. You can then hide them well, in a safe place, where only you can find them!

Now, you are ready for a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy it!

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