MWC 2014’s best announcements

Mobile World Congress 2014 was held in Barcelona the week. The biggest party for smartphone and wearable tech products. The MWC, in the same way as CES in Las Vegas, is where all the innovations of the mobile world are announced. We sived through the clutter for you and chosen a selection we believe you’ll ba particularly keen to shop and ship to your home.

-First, let’s talk about the biggest star of the MWC 2014 – Samsung Galaxy S5 that you can start to buy from 11 April 2014. It is slightly larger than the S4 with a 5.1 inch screen, and resistant to an active (dust and water). Offers a new glamorous look with ‘leather’ like polycarbonate back but the biggest new features are the  ‘fingerprint scanner’ and heart rate monitor.  That can be used, thanks to a partnership with Paypal, as an identification process for online payments.  If this doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, you’ll find more details here:

But Samsung’s Galaxy S5 did not get all the attention, despite all the hype. Samsung also introduced a range of smartwatches:  the Gear 2, the Neo and the Fit. The most important thing worth knowing is that for the first time they are using their own operating system TIZEN instead of Android. The main difference between the Gear 2 and the Neo,  is that the latter has replaced the camera with a heart rate monitor to go with the new and improved activity tracker and the hypoallergenic wristband comes in a range of colours. . Gear Fit, on the other hand is specialized for fitness only and offers very convenient apps for the more health conscious among us.

-Secondly, we focused on the Sony Xperia Z2. As the Xperia Z was only released 5 months ago, Sony were not expected to announce this at the MWC but another star was born with the Xperia Z2:  5.2 inches IPS LCD display, Live Colour LED technology. For an even better screen resolution for images that are ever closer to reality. Sony has also started to learn from their competitors, making their products easier to use. The Sony Xperia Z2 efinitely worth considering for your next smartphone:

Sony also announced their new activity band. A very sleek and simple design, maybe even too simple, it’ll track your activity, your whereabouts and your time on various sites. It’s more than a fitness tracker.See details here:

-The third start product comes from Nokia. This time they presented their Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL: Nokia X uses Android but with a Windows flavored version of the OS, with a 4 inches IPS capacity display, 3MP camera, dual SIM cards, expandable storage via a MicroSD card slot and a ‘fast lane user experience’ according to Nokia. All the Android-based Nokia X range comes without Google’s Cloud services – instead, it focuses on Nokia and Microsoft’s services like Skype. For now, the X range will be sold in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe only. There are no current plans to bring it to Western Europe, North America, Australia, Korea or Japan.  About the cost: Nokia X €89, X+ €99 and XL €109.

Along with these 3 smartphones, Nokia also announced their new activity band, though it looks like most other brands,  it can track all your activitiesthe people you with, almost everything. Many people thought it is a little bit creepy, but why not saying it’s still a daring trial. More details here:

-But wearable devices doesn’t just mean bands and bracelets, there also was a range of tech glasses on show. We chose the Weon Glassesfor you as they offer some really handy features whilst staying affordable. These glasses will inform you of any notifications you receive on your phone and are equipped with a GPS tracker so you can use your phone to find them again.  Find out more here:

-Last but not least, HUAWEI’s hybrid of  a fitness tracker and a smart watch, called Talkband B1. With a 1.4-inch OLED screen, it can track your daily personal activities with a simple band. The biggest surprise  is the smart design of the core of the tracker which you can pop-out of the bracelet and turn into a Bluetooth headset that allows you to make calls, offering seven hours of talk time. It will be first released in China for 99 euros.

We will keep updating you on these and other smartphones or wearable devices. So lay back, stay home and we’ll let you know all newest gadget so you can shop them easily with your Borderlinx addresses.

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