How to choose the right smart watch for you

2014 is the year of the SmartWatch. There is no doubt about that. Every brand has one on offer and is flaunting it’s benefits at you. It’s hard to know the good from the bad and, more importantly, which one amongst the good ones is best suited to you… especially when you’re thinking of buying one online and shipping it across seas.

We’ve searched high and low and have come up with a short and comprehensive guide to help you chose the perfect SmartWatch for you. Here is what you need to consider, in order of importance :

  • Compatibility with your smartphone

This may come to many as given but it’s important to state it. These new devices are here to complement your smartphone, not replace it. Most models offer functionalities such call and message notifications that are directly linked to your phone. This will need to complement your current smartphone.  Unless, of course, you choose an special offer with the combo, you’ll need to make sure that your SmartWatch is indeed compatible to your phone. Though this is important, it’s made easy by the fact more and more smart watches now support Android and Apple.

  • Design

Though these devices are practical, one can not forget their show-off value.  A watch remains a piece of jewelry and you’ll want to be sure that it will be admired. Design is therefore one of the most important aspects of choosing a smart-watch. Are you more the classic type and would prefer the authentic look of the Moto 360 or the more affordable Cookoo? Or do you prefer the high tech feel of the Samsung Gear 2 or the Sony Live View?  Or even something in the middle such as the Martian G2G?

  • Usage

Not all smart watches offer the same functionalities so you need to figure out what you’ll want to do with yours. . Some will track your exercise performance (including heart rate monitor and podometer) like the soon-to-be-released Samsung Gear Fit, some will take photos, some will allow you to read text messages and see who your caller is, and other will only give you notifications.

  • Ease of use

The use of the device needs to remain simple and fit in with what you are willing to do. Some will allow you to personalize your settings and program movements to accept or decline calls like the Razer Nabu, others come with intuitive display screens like the just announced Pebble.

Battery life is included in the ease of use bucket. It is recommended to chose a model that will last more than two or three days of normal usage. Of course, none of the current models will answer this criteria if you are a heavy GPS user.


So as you see, choosing your SmartWatch is as much an individual choice as choosing a regular watch. There are many models and price ranges to chose from so take your time, research your choices well and whichever you choose, Borderlinx will ship it you your home.

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