Six gadgets to do as little as possible for May day

May Day or International Worker’s Day is a day to celebrate the hard work of the working classes. We believe the best way to celebrate it is to find ways to make every other day of the year, as lazy as possible. That’s why we’ve gone out to find the best gadgets to do all  those pesky household chores for you.

The Self-stirring mug

For all tea and coffee lovers, no need to spend another calorie on stirring your sugar or milk into your tea or coffee.  Press the button “et voilà”, it’s perfectly stirred.

The pool self-cleaner

Don’t worry about getting your pool clean any more with this high-tech robot. No need for any filtering system, hose, or extraction pump, this handy robot will take care of it on it’s own… while you sit back with a nice drink on your deck chairs.


The I-Kettle :

We’ve presented this one to you before but it is one of our favorites.  Linked to your smartphone, this Kettle will make sure the water is freshly boiled when you get out of bed, when you come home from work or even when you’re watching a good film on TV. 

Grillbot’s Grill Cleaning Robot : 

It’s spring, at least in one hemisphere, and spring is the perfect time to have a barbecue with your friends and family… but cleaning the grill really makes you think twice. This no longer needs to be the case, thanks to this grill cleaning robot. Just put it on the barbecue once you’ve finished using it and let it do all the work. It will even let you know when it’s finished.

 The Litter Kwitter

If you own a cat, then you know only too well how tedious it is to clean that cat litter each and every day. Well thanks to this gadget, you can teach your cat to go to the toilet and never have to worry about even owning a cat litter ever again. If your cat is extra clever, you may want to take this one step further, and teach him how to flush too! 

The Balancing Robot

Have you ever settled comfortably on your couch with a good book or to watch a good film,  just to realize you’d forgotten to get a drink, or a snack or even that the remote control is at the other end of the room? Well, if you own this Balancing robot, that will no longer be an issue.  He’ll just bring it to you!  And you’ll be able to show off to your friends too with your new, a very cute, butler!

So there you have it, the best gadgets to do as little as possible on May Day and for the rest of the year! Get yours now, and Borderlinx will ship it to you within 5 working days, with no hassle at customs.

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