Tested for you : The Samsung Gear Fit.

We, as the Borderlinx team, know you are interested in high tech products and we spend a lot of time researching and keeping ourselves informed with all the innovations of new technology.

After the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and the 2 new SmartWatches last Friday, I got the opportunity to test the Samsung Gear Fit during a race last weekend. So here is my unbiased opinion about it.


As a woman with small wrists, I was pretty concerned that the watch would look and feel out of proportion (too bulky) like some previous models did. So I was pretty surprised that it felt very comfortable, and, even though it would not suit an office or evening outfit, it did not look to masculine either.  I hardly felt it on my wrist as it is light and comfortable.

I love the fact that I can very easily change the bracelet’s color and theme and the fact that it only actually turns on when you need it. Though I must admit that this functionality doesn’t always work and I did find myself swinging my arm around to get the screen to turn on.


The heart-rate monitor is, as far as I’m concerned, the biggest improvement on previous models and other Smart Watches. You can easily control your effort and make sure you keep your energy to end the race well. There is no need for any additional bands or gadgets to know your heart-rate, which is a vast improvement.  It will even tell you when to slow down and speed up during your race or training based on your heart rate. You can set it so it will tell you what to do for your next training.

I enjoyed the fact that the watch is water and dust resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about it while you’re running… come rain or shine… you can concentrate on your race, your training or your walking.

I also tested the sleep monitor, which I was initially skeptical about. I don’t like the idea of having a connected machine so close to me while I sleep. I decided to test it out when I realized I could monitor my sleep with the Bluetooth turned off and I didn’t need to be close to my phone. It works like most sleep monitors do and tells you how long you’ve actually slept, whether you’ve woken up during the night etc. Now I can know for fact whether I’ve had my full 8hrs of sleep!

The watch, like it’s competitor’s, also keeps time, and track of your distance, your speed, the number of steps done in the day. It all seemed very accurate.

And of course, it remains a Smart Watch, connected to a Smart Phone so you can see your texts and see who is calling you on the watch. The benefit here is that you’ll never miss an important call again. You can choose to answer or ignore but the Watch doesn’t replace the phone for these functionalities. You’ll still need to pick up your phone for the rest.


I’d definitely use the Galaxy Gear fit as a fitness device but the masculine design would prevent me from using it as a watch.  Though I already own and use a fitness tracker, the Galaxy Gear Fit is a much more complete fitness coach and I’d happily switch.   How about you? Are you tempted? Remember that Borderlinx will ship it for you.

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