The HTC One M8: What is all the hype about?


The biggest surprise for the smartphone savvy world in 2014 is HTC’s replacement for the HTC One: the HTC One M8 – a beautiful phone with top-notch performance for 700USD* (available for pre-order now).  Many articles in the tech savvy press have been presenting the new HTC One (M8) as the best phone out there, above the iPhone 5S and the newly released Samsung Galaxy S5. These 3 phones were awarded a 9/10 by Trusted Reviews so we thought we’d take some time to look at the HTC One M8 in more detail.


The design 

HTC has gone for a very premium look with a full  (90%) metal look and feel. This gives the phone that luxury feel that is missing for some of the competitors. The phone has been called “stunning” and comes in 3 colors: Silver, Metallic Grey or Silver.   See for yourself:

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The Dual- Camera

One thing you’ll have noticed on the picture above – and that is one of the main improvements on the previous model – are the 2 cameras. You may be wondering why you need two cameras on the same side of your phone. Well, this simply improves the camera options available. With more special effects and tricks packed into the software, your phone will more than ever replace that heavy camera.  You’ll be able to give your photos more depth, add color to a black and white image or introduce fun filters.  On the down side, the 4 mega-pixel resolution will not allow a good enough quality of photo for printing.

Other : 

Speakers: Equipped with the BoomSound Speakers on the front of the phone, HTC has put an emphasis on great quality of sound at low and higher volumes. No more need to sacrifice quality of sound to be able to

FitBit Included: FitBit is a well known fitness tracker that you will automatically be able to benefit from when you own a HTC One M8. It will track your steps and activity in the same way the fitness trackers do on other smartphones. The only thing missing here is a heart rate monitor which is the number one innovation for other manufacturers.

 The screen: Very slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5’s, the screen is still much bigger than on the previous HTC One. The resolution is

KitKat: Similarly to it’s main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the new HTC runs on Android’s new operating system but has added the HTC Sense 6 layer that simplifies the use.

Key features side by side.

HTC ONE M8 Samsung Galaxy S5 iPhone 5S
Screen 5-inch 1080p SLCD screen 5.1-inch 1080p Super AMOLED screen 4-inch Retina display
Camera Duo camera with 4MP UltraPixel sensor 16-megapixel camera 8MP Camera
Operating system Android 4.4 with HTC Sense 6  Android 4.4 with TouchWiz iOS 7 with A7 Dual-core processor

Many have compared the HTC One M8 to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and have found it, much as it’s predecessor, to come out slightly on top. This is due to a very similar performance and a much more premium and sleek design.  We, however, at Borderlinx, are unbiased. We will ship the mobile phone you choose to you with the full DDP service you are accustomed to.


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