Get into the Ramadan spirit

The time for Ramadan is coming again.  A time for reflection, spirituality and hospitality. To get yourself ready for the special month and get into the holiday spirit, you can apply some simple ideas to make it unforgettable.

Besides stocking up with dates and sweets for the traditional break of the fast, you can decorate your home in a festive way for a unique feel.  Set up lanterns to your front door and your visitors will immediately feel welcomed.

To Maintain the joy of Ramadan and the anticipation of Eid, keep track of the remaining days with a countdown chart, the whole family can participate in. Place decorative incense burners all around the home and Ramadan themed fabric in the main room. If you have a courtyard or garden, you can have a tent as an outdoor entertaining space that will become the central place for your evening events. To keep cool during heavy nights, you might need a portable fan like the ones offered by Home Depôt.

After the fasting, comes the time for the celebration with the Eid. The event

will be the occasion to give thoughtful presents to your loved ones and enjoy a copious meal. For the children, Toys’r’us would have everything you need for toys and educational tools. If you want clothing, you can look at the best US designers who offer lines for the little one (Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren)

For women, jewelry and perfumes are especially appreciated. You’ll find a nice selection on charm&chain, Swarovski or Tiffany&Co.

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