What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Meet the USA’s two biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These famous retail events feature the season’s hottest products at heavily discounted rates. Stores across the US kick off the holiday shopping season by deeply discounting top merchandise. You’ll find huge sales at all of your favorite retailers and some of the best prices you’ll see all year!

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Black Friday

Black Friday is recognized for being the largest shopping day of the year in the US. The name dates back more than 50 years to the point in the year at which retailers would go from being “in the red” to turning a profit and being “in the black.” Usually this turning point came at the end of November. Another explanation of the name comes from Philadelphia, where news articles began citing “Black Friday” to explain the heavy vehicle traffic on the day after Thanksgiving.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 27th. Mark your calendar for a day filled with amazing deals. Some of 2015’s best online shops to find incredible sales include:

Check the websites of your favorite online stores to learn more about specific deals and discounts for Black Friday.

While Black Friday is the biggest US shopping event, many companies will not offer international shipping. Those who sign up with Borderlinx and receive a free US address will be able to take part in this massive sale, saving up to 80% on name brand products.


Cyber Monday

Coined “Cyber Monday” in 2005, the Monday following Black Friday is the largest online shopping day of the year. This year, some of the largest e-retailers will discount thousands of popular products. Prices on hot electronics, clothing, accessories, shoes, books, furniture and so much more will be the lowest you’ll find them all year. In 2014, top deals included discounts on the iPhone 6 from T-Mobile and Xbox One from Walmart. Plus, Google Play gave away free MP3s and both Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger reduced apparel prices to all-time lows (some even lower than on Black Friday!).

So, how do you take advantage of the cash-saving prices on Cyber Monday? Visit Nordstrom, Amazon, MadCloth, Apple and many other online stores for incredible discounts on a wide variety of merchandise. Don’t miss Cyber Monday, happening on November 30th!

Take advantage of all the amazing deals on items for you, family, friends, colleagues and anyone else you may be giving gifts to this holiday season. Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday to score the products you’ve always wanted at discounted prices.

Kick off the season of celebrating and gift giving by shopping the famous sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, no products or gifts are off limits when you’ve got a Borderlinx shipping address. May the rest of your 2015 be filled with merry, fun and amazing shopping!

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