10 More Chinese Retailer Websites in English

Online Chinese retailers have become a powerful tool for international buyers for a very good reason: You can easily find every day and unique items for deeply discounted prices.

With Borderlinx, you can now purchase directly from China-based retailers, where many of the products you use every day are manufactured. It’s an easy way to get merchandise without the markup of being sold locally.

Most Chinese retailer websites are in Mandarin. While Google Chrome can translate pages for you, it can be a lot easier to just skip this step altogether. Last week, we brought you a list of 10 Chinese retailer websites in English to get you started. Below, you’ll find 10 more in English to make your shopping as easy as possible.

Chinese online retailers displayed in English

1. ChinaBuye.com

China Buye

ChinaBuye is dedicated to providing consumers with the lowest prices for common gadgets. You can search over a thousands items for under $1.99 and find things like phone accessories and office supplies.

What you’ll find: Electronics in various categories including video game accessories, phones, LED lighting, computer gadgets, networking, automotive accessories, security and much more.

2. CNDirect.com

CN Direct

CNDirect considers itself a shopping mall online for men, women and children. You can search through daily deals and a wide selection of items under $2.

What you’ll find: Clothing, jewelry, electronics, computers, home and garden products, car accessories and more.

3. TVC-Mall.com

TVC Mall Logo

TVC-Mall owns and works with various factories which allows them to offer customers high quality parts and accessories for cell phones at competitive prices.

What you’ll find: Find a wide range of cell phone accessories for iPhone, Samsung, Sony LG and other brands.

4. NewFrog.com

New Frog Logo

NewFrog satisfies customer demand by selling products that are of quality design, reliable and priced 10-70% under competing websites.

What you’ll find: Find merchandise in consumer electronics, computer accessories, video games, iPhone accessories and communications products.

5. TinyDeal.com

Tiny Deal Logo

Search through over 800,000 items. Nearly 4,000 of them are under $5. TinyDeal posts new sales every day and posts Lightning Sales for items in categories like clothing and electronics.

What you’ll find: Find smartphones, tablets, computers, car accessories, clothing and more.

6. LightTake.com

LighTake Logo

Light Take offers an efficient buying platform with new items added to the website every day. Easily find items are separated by Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Promotion, Clearance and Free Shipping.

What you’ll find: Popular Magic Cubes, LED lighting, tablets, cell phones, car electronics, flashlights, computer parts, clothing and pet supplies.

7. GeekBuying.com

Geek Buying Logo

GeekBuying carries a wide selection of over 10,000 items thanks to its many manufacture resources in China. Customers can rest assured that merchandise from GeekBuying will be of sound quality because all items are checked and tested by the quality control team before shipping.

What you’ll find: Electronics in categories like smartphones, tablets, car accessories and other types electronic gadgets.

8. DinoDirect.com

Dino Direct Logo

DinoDirect’s slogan is “saving is believing.” They offer services like member rewards to help customers save as much as possible.

What you’ll find: Men and women’s clothing, tablets, computers, smart phones, home decor, wedding dresses, gadgets and much more.

9. GearBest.com

Gear Best Logo

GearBest is dedicated to providing its customers with an expanding line of electronics and unique gadgets with flash deals and discounts.

What you’ll find: Consumer electronics, gadgets, men’s fashion and much more.

10. AliExpress.com

Ali Express Logo

AliExpress offers a beautiful interface with easy navigation to simplify shopping. Search through pages of their buying guides for shopping inspiration.

What you’ll find: Women and men’s clothing, phones and accessories, computer and office supplies, consumer electronics, jewelry, toys and more.

Follow these simple tips when shipping from China to your country

  • Ship to your Borderlinx Hong Kong address. Many Chinese retailers will offer free shipping to Hong Kong. Some may ship internationally for a price, but you could run into trouble: Many items take 20+ days to deliver and often have no tracking option. Use Borderlinx for fast delivery and peace of mind with package tracking.
  • Consolidate multiple orders. Borderlinx allows you to virtually combine packages into one tracking number to reduce shipping costs. This means you can buy more without having to pay a minimum fee for each separate package.
  • No surprises with customs. Borderlinx guarantees taxes and duties will be correct so there are no delays in receiving your packages. When shipping from our warehouse, your packages will arrive in 3 to 5 days.

For more ways to ship internationally with Borderlinx, visit our How Borderlinx Works page.

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