11 High-End Gadgets You’ll Really Want

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a lot of really cool stuff.

If you’ve got the budget, there are plenty of gadgets on the web to satisfy a mix of luxury and tech with downright fun. From innovative wearables to must-have drones, here are 11 high-end gadgets to buy now.

1. $699, Glyph Mediawear

Avegant Brand Video from Avegant on Vimeo.

At first glance, this gadget looks like another pair of headphones, but flip the band over your eyes and you’ve got a sophisticated personal entertainment center with video capability. It connects to your mobile device so you can watch content in a whole new way on the go.

2. £1,150, Apple Watch Hermès

Luxury smart watch from Apple and Hermes leather
Image: Apple UK

Luxury meets functionality with this collaboration between Apple and French designer Hermès. Available in 10 models, the leather double strap turns the Apple Watch into a fashionable accessory you’ll want to wear with every outfit in your closet.

3. $199, Thync

High-end gadget to boost energy or induce calmness
Image: Thync

If you think consuming caffeine for an energy kick is so yesterday, how about using a gadget to give you similar effects? Enter Thync, a wearable device that (temporarily) attaches to your skin sending low-level electrical pulses to your peripheral nerves. Through its app, you can seamlessly enter an energetic state or a calm state if you need it.

4. $1,000, MH30 Headphones Carolyn Rowan for Master & Dynamic

Luxury and quality headphones Swarovski crystal-beaded
Image: Master & Dynamic

Your personal music experience can’t get any more lavish than this. This limited edition collaboration is between sound expert Master & Dynamic and luxury accessory designer Carolyn Rowan. Black Swarovski crystals are beaded onto a MH30 On Ear Headphone for ultimate style and quality sound.

5. $495, Opening Ceremony and Intel MICA

High fashion smart watch from Opening Ceremony
Image: Opening Ceremony

Wearables have a reputation for skimping on style, but this one is anything but drab. This is another collaboration between tech and design brands on our list, from Intel and Opening Ceremony. It’s decorated in an 8 karat gold coating, black snakeskin, Madagascar lapis and China pearls. Its 1.6 inch sapphire touchscreen displays text messages, appointment reminders, Yelp recommendations and more.

6. $1,007.53, Autel Robotics XSPRMWH X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera.

4K Camera Drone from Amazon
Image: Amazon

Playing with this drone will make you feel like a kid again–a really, really rich kid. This comes with a 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal that records Ultra HD videos or takes 12-MP photos with HD Live View up to 1.2 miles away. This model won’t be available until March 15, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon.

7. $800, Suunto Essential Copper

Well made smart watch for the outdoors
Image: Suunto

This smartwatch is made in Finland with quality materials including stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass, a copper finish and leather strap. This watch was made for the outdoors with a barometric altimeter to track your elevation, a barometer to monitor outdoor air pressure and a compass to easily get to your destination.

8. $14,000, Vertu Luxury Mobile Phone in Red Calf

Leather encased red luxury mobile phone
Image: Vertu

Made in the U.K., these phones are the epitome of high-end. This model is encased in red calf leather with polished stainless steel and a silver PVD sapphire face. Its hardware specs include a high resolution 2” QVGA portrait display, 4GB of internal memory and high-fidelity 11mm x 15mm loudspeaker with dual sound ports.

9. $1,500, Oculus Rift Bundle

Oculus Rift bundle set on Amazon
Image: Amazon

The much buzzed about virtual reality device Oculus Rift will be available for purchase soon, so to make sure you’re all set for a compatible and integrated experience with the rest of your toys, Oculus is partnering with ASUS, Alienware and Dell for packaged bundles with all the gear you need. Available for pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy and the Microsoft store.

10. $1,499.99. KEF LS50 Mini Monitor in High Gloss Piano Black

Expensive speakers for home system from amazon
Image: Amazon

These speakers are the real deal, designed to bring a professional studio monitor into the home. Superior quality is matched by aesthetics: a matte black KEF logo decorates the high gloss black speaker cabinet with a 50th anniversary rose gold aluminium Uni-Q driver.

11. $490, Christofle LaCie Sphere Hard Drive

HIgh end hard drive art piece for desk
Image: Gracious Home

The last thing you’d expect this to be is a hard drive, but that’s the point: This is going to look like a piece of art on your desk. This 1TB device is handcrafted and silvered in France and doesn’t need a power chord since it connects via a USB cable. The video shows how much workmanship goes into making one of these.

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