11 Bunny Themed Gifts for Easter

Among the many symbols for Easter in the United States, the Easter bunny has to be one of the cutest. This time of year means you can find pretty much anything rabbit themed in stores from toys to clothes and kitchen items to office supplies.

But how did a fluffy rabbit become synonymous with the holiday? There’s no mention of the animal in religious texts, but it’s believed that it came about in the 1700s. German immigrants brought over their tradition of a mythical egg-laying rabbit, and children would take part in the festivities by constructing nests for the rabbit to lay its vibrantly colored eggs. Over time this spread across the U.S. turning into children receiving treats in the morning like candy and small gifts in their Easter baskets (which replaced the nests).

Today, rabbits remain at the top of our Easter holiday celebrations.  Check out our picks for bunny-themed gifts to use this Easter holiday and all year long.

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