Save with Borderlinx: Consolidate Your Packages

As an international shopper, you know that shipping costs can get expensive quickly. Borderlinx wants you to shop without having to worry about racking up a high price tag on sending your packages to your home. That’s why we’ve designed several of our services with your budget in mind.

Our consolidation feature is a perfect example of this and is used when you’re shipping packages from different stores online. Here’s how it works:

How are shipping costs determined?

One way carriers determine shipping costs is by charging each package a minimum fee based on its weight. This can get expensive when you’re shipping multiple packages because each packages will be charged a minimum fee. When you use our consolidation service, Borderlinx will virtually combine multiple packages so the carrier only charges the minimum fee once.

Shipments are virtually combined

Other forwarding services physically combine your shipments into one box, but Borderlinx is different and for a good reason. When grouping items into one box, it increases the likelihood of damage to your packages en route to your home. With Borderlinx, each of your packages will arrive at the same time in their individual boxes.

Free storage

To get the most out of our consolidation service, we offer 30 days of free storage at our warehouse facilities. This gives you time to shop and ship your packages to the hub. If you’re a shopper that tends to plan ahead, this will be super handy.

Bonus Tip

If you’re shopping at the same time as a friend or family member, you should consolidate your packages together! Just use the same Borderlinx address at checkout. When your packages arrive to our warehouse, consolidate them by logging in to your Borderlinx account.

Head over to the Consolidation page on our website for more information.

Happy shopping!

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