A Guide to Amazon’s Exclusive Echo Family

Earlier this month, Amazon announced that it would be offering two new gadgets to accompany its best-selling voice control speaker Echo. The Echo Dot and Amazon Tap will round out the Echo Family to create a system of devices that will turn your house into a connected home of the future.

Each device is slightly different than the other, but they all allow you to verbally interact with your devices through Amazon’s Alexa API. Alexa is a cloud-based voice command service that enables you to play music, open an app, get the weather report and turn off your lights on top of a growing number of commands that Amazon is frequently adding.

The new devices will only be available in the U.S. and will be released in limited quantities. But getting these exclusive items with Borderlinx is easy. Just enter your Borderlinx U.S. forwarding address at checkout to get your hands on this year’s hottest gadgets from Amazon.

Read on to find out why the Echo has become so popular and why the newest additions are sure to be hits as well. Here is the breakdown of the gadgets in the Echo Family:

Amazon Echo

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

The Amazon Echo was widely released only over a year ago, but today the gadget has about 34,000 near 5-star ratings on the retailer’s site. It’s also a favorite among trusted technology review sites and blogs including CNET, ZDNet, Re/code and USA Today. Echo has seven microphones that use beam-forming technology and far-field voice recognition so it can hear your commands or questions from any direction even while music is playing.

Just by asking, Echo can play music from services like Spotify, Pandora and Prime Music as well as answer questions, read the news, report the weather and much more. To truly create a connected home, the device acts as a smart home hub that is compatible with other smart home devices like WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Wink and more.

Amazon Echo Dot

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

The Echo Dot is very much like the original Echo, but much smaller. It has a built-in speaker, but can also connect to your own speakers over Bluetooth. It is packed with the same technology as the original Echo, but the price point is cut in half at $89.99. The idea is that you can add multiple Dots around your home to make voice-control commands possible no matter what room you’re in.

This is sold exclusively to Prime members and can only be ordered with Alexa Voice Shopping through your Amazon Echo or Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Echo Family Tap Speaker
Image: Amazon

The Amazon Tap won’t be released until March 31, but it’s already the #1 best-selling device in the store’s Outdoor Speakers category. Tap is a portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker that not only provides fantastic sound, but when you press the microphone button, you can use Alexa Voice service to carry out a number of tasks. Just like Echo and Dot, you can do cool stuff like access mobile apps and get the news, but unlike other Bluetooth speakers on the market, Tap let’s you access music streaming over WiFi.

The device weighs just over one pound and comes with a Charging Cradle that makes powering up your battery seamless. You can also personalize your speaker by adding color with the Tap Sling which also protects against damage if you happen to drop it!

How You Can Ship Amazon’s Echo Family Using Borderlinx

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