Save on International Shipping with Package Repacking

Retailers and carriers always strive to give your shipments the best care, but sometimes things can happen between their warehouse and ours. That’s why Borderlinx provides Package Repacking, a free service that is applied to your package when it comes to our warehouse. With Package Repacking, shipments are better packaged, saving you on average between $10 and $15 on shipping fees.

Repacking is used to reduce a package’s volumetric weight. This can be confusing to understand so here’s how it works.

Package Repacking with Borderlinx

Volumetric (dimensional) weight is simply the amount of space a package takes up on an aircraft. To calculate the volumetric weight of a package, we take a look at the box’s dimensions. The length, width and height of a box is multiplied and then divided by a volumetric factor (this volumetric factor varies with the unit of measure and with the carrier used to ship the package). So the higher the volumetric weight, the more space it will use on a plane.

Here is an example of formulas used to calculate the volumetric weight in kg.

Volumetric Weight Packaging Calcdulation

Now let’s take a look at a real example.

If you bought a small item, like a shirt, and it was packed it in a large box, its volumetric weight will likely be high. Since a shirt doesn’t need to take up that much space, Borderlinx will repack the shirt into a smaller, padded envelope to reduce its volumetric weight. Check out the images below of an actual package that came to our warehouse.

Example of Package Repacking with Borderlinx

This J.Crew jacket was sent to the Borderlinx warehouse in a box measuring 21 x 11 x 12 inches with a calculated volumetric weight of 20 pounds. The box is visibly too large for the jacket.

Example of Package Repacking with Borderlinx

One of our trained staff members repacked the item into a padded envelope that better fit the jacket. The dimensions were reduced to 18 x 14 x 4 inches and equaled a volumetric weight of only 8 pounds. Our customer saved 12 pounds in shipping weight, meaning they saved money on shipping fees.

Other Benefits of Package Repacking

Reducing the size of a package also allows for better international travel. When items inside are closely packed, they’re more likely to get to their destination in great shape.

As a Borderlinx customer, you can opt to not have a shipment repacked. Just sign in to your Borderlinx account and let us know.

Borderlinx cannot repack certain items. For examples, please visit our detailed FAQ page.

Happy shopping!

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