5 Reasons to Use Borderlinx for International Shipping

You know Borderlinx is the service to use when an online retailer doesn’t ship to your home country. Of course, sometimes retailers do offer international shipping. Should you still use Borderlinx to ship your package? The answer is yes!

Here are five reasons to use Borderlinx for times when international shipping is available to you from online stores.

1. Track your shipments

Sometimes retailers will ship worldwide but don’t offer the ability to track your packages. It’s frustrating to sit and wait for items to arrive to your door without getting any reliable updates. This is very common from stores in Hong Kong and China, for example. When you encounter stores that don’t offer shipment tracking, use Borderlinx to give you peace of mind.

2. Consolidate and save

Carriers partially calculate international shipping fees by charging a minimum fee for a package. When you ship many items separately, those minimum fees can add up! Save money with our Consolidation service by virtually combining multiple packages into one tracking number. This way you’re only charged a minimum fee once. To maximize the benefits of our Consolidation service, we offer 30 days of free storage at our warehouses allowing you to wait until all your packages have been delivered so you can release them at the same time.

3. Pay taxes and duties sooner

Some retailers will offer international shipping, but don’t allow you to pay taxes and duties right away. Most times, you have to pay the extra fees after you receive your package. It’s especially disappointing to pay this when you don’t even know what those fees are because the retailer couldn’t calculate them for you. Use our Shipping Cost Calculator to get a complete estimate of shipping fees, including taxes and duties before you make a purchase, and you can pay the fees when you release your shipment from our warehouse. All you have to do when you receive your package is enjoy it!

On top of that, Borderlinx fills out the customs paperwork for you. This really helps speed up shipping times by minimizing the chance that a customs officer will hold your item for improper documentation.

4. Use your preferred payment method

Have you ever reached the checkout page when shopping only to discover that the retailer doesn’t accept your credit card? With Borderlinx, you don’t have to give up on your purchases just because you can’t use the payment method you want. Our Personal Concierge service will make the purchase on your behalf. So easy and so convenient.

5. Repack and save

Retailers sometimes pack items in boxes that are way too big. This can end up costing you more money than it should if the carrier is factoring volumetric weight into calculating shipping fees. Our trained staff will apply our Package Repacking service to packages that could be placed into smaller packaging. We remove unnecessary extra space in a package and you save money. Plus, when items are properly packaged, they’re less likely to be damaged during the delivery process!

If you haven’t signed up for Borderlinx, don’t wait! It’s free to sign up and you’ll instantly get your own address from our shipping hubs around the world. Start shopping with us now.

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