iPhone 7 Rumors to Know

iPhone 7 rumors have set the internet ablaze for months, and it looks like we can expect new ones to keep coming our way until the next generation iPhone launches in a few weeks. 

The new iPhone is expected to be named iPhone 7, and it will probably be available in the usual small and large (plus) sizes. Now that the September debut is almost here, the large number of wild rumors has dwindled to a select few that have found some merit. Take a look below at the rumors to know now.

iPhone 7 Rumors

No headphone jack
It’s believed that Apple will be presenting a new iPhone next month without a headphone jack. The first way to ease into this transition is to just use a Bluetooth headset (or use the new pair that could come with the iPhone). But did you know that you can now connect headphones via the iPhone’s Lightning port? This article from Business Insider sums up nicely the benefits to Lightning-powered headphones, but the major takeaway is that it will add unexpected and powerful features to your audio experience.

Source: Bloomberg

Dual stereo speaker
Without a headphone jack, there’s now room to add an extra speaker…or is there? Sources all over the web have reported that the new iPhone will have a dual speaker, but recently, images have surfaced that this “speaker” could just be the mic, and that the additional holes are just there for aesthetic symmetry.

Extra Speaker iPhone 7 Rumor
Image: Nowhereelse.fr

Sources: CNET and 9to5 Mac

Water-resistant feature
Samsung phones have had this feature for a while now, so Apple is a little late to the party. But that doesn’t mean iPhone users wouldn’t welcome a water-resistant phone. According to reports, the new iPhone could allegedly be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes without malfunctioning. This iPhone 7 rumor has gained further credibility with the rumored headphone jack removal (making it less vulnerable to water damage) and with a newly granted Apple patent.

Sources: Forbes and CNN Money

New colors
The next iPhone 7 rumor points to two new colors: Space Black and a metallic blue. Space Black, the same hue offered with the Apple Watch, is much darker than the available Space Grey model, giving the iPhone a sleeker look. The metallic blue option can be seen in the prototype images below.

Sources: Mic and BGR

Dual camera lens
The larger iPhone 7 model could have a dual camera lens, giving us sharper, more vibrant photos, even in low-light environments. Having two lenses also means that you could use the zoom function without sacrificing picture quality. High five!

iPhone 7 Rumors dual camera
Image: Mac Rumors

Source: Bloomberg and Mac Rumors

Touch-sensitive home button

The home button could be getting a major makeover according to the latest iPhone 7 rumors. Apple could replace the push-down button with a touch-sensitive alternative. You would have to tap the button for commands, which could create faster response times. Removing the push-down button also increases the likelihood that the new iPhone could be water-resistant.

Source: Forbes

Of course, we won’t really know what the new iPhone will look like or what features will be included until it’s launched in September. As always, it’s best to just take iPhone 7 rumors as what they are — rumors!

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