Borderlinx Consolidation Service: Tips and How It Works

Shipping internationally can get expensive, but Borderlinx is here to help. We created our Consolidation service to ease the cost of shipping fees, giving you the freedom to shop from multiple retailers for less. 

Why Use Borderlinx’s Consolidation Service?

First, it’s important to understand how shipping fees are calculated. Carriers charge a minimum fee for the first half kilo of a package, and every half kilo after that is charged a separate, lower fee. When shipping packages individually, those minimum fees add up quickly!

This is where our Consolidation service can be used to save you money. When you consolidate, you can ship multiple packages from our warehouse to your home under one tracking number, eliminating the need to pay that minimum fee multiple times. Your packages are delivered to your home at the same time and in their original packaging.

In our latest video, we break down how the process works, step by step. Stay tuned through the end for tips on how to maximize your savings with our service.

WATCH: Borderlinx’s Consolidation Service

Not a Borderlinx Member?

If you love international retailers but find that shipping isn’t available in your country, just use Borderlinx. As a Borderlinx member, shipping to your home country is possible from nearly every online retailer in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong and Germany. Sign up today and instantly receive your own forwarding addresses in these four regions to start using right away.*

Borderlinx does more than forward packages to our customers. We aim to make international shipping as easy and stress-free as possible with a suite of additional services. Here’s a sample:

  • Package Repacking. Our warehouse staff will repack your shipments into smaller packaging, saving you up to $15.00 on shipping fees.
  • Shopping Concierge. If an online retailer doesn’t accept your payment card, a Borderlinx member can order the item on your behalf.
  • ParcelSnap. Receive images of your packages from our warehouse, so you can be sure that your order is perfect.

For more about Borderlinx and additional international shipping services, visit

*Some countries may not be eligible for all addresses.  

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