Shop Singles’ Day With Borderlinx

On November 11, millions of people are expected to spend a record-breaking $20 billion dollars during China’s Singles’ Day sales. But you don’t have to live in China to take advantage of the holiday’s amazing savings. Want in on the fun? It’s easy to shop & ship internationally on Singles’ Day with Borderlinx.

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day was started by Chinese university students in the 1990s to celebrate the bachelor life. Today, the light-hearted holiday has transformed into the largest, most exciting shopping holiday worldwide. For 24 hours, online retailers in China go bananas dropping prices on merchandise across every category imaginable, like snacks, electronics, clothing, toys, makeup, skincare and more.

Where to Shop on Singles’ Day With Borderlinx

Some sales have already started! Visit retailer websites daily to see if new deals or special coupons are available. Visit the Borderlinx Brands page, and check out stores owned by the Alibaba Group, the company credited for turning Singles’ Day into a retail extravaganza.

Another thing to keep in mind: there are many “everything” stores in China, similar to stores like Amazon and Ebay in the United States. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s likely these popular stores will have it:


AliExpress Home Page/ Singles' Day with Borderlinx
Image: AliExpress












Tmall Homepage
Image: Tmall











Taobao Homepage
Image: Taobao












Joy Buy Homepage
Image: Joy Buy

Why Use Borderlinx to Shop on Singles’ Day?

When you shop with Borderlinx, you can count on a trusted service that provides international shipping features not offered by many Chinese retailers.

How to Place an Order on Singles’ Day Using Borderlinx

It’s free (and fast!) to sign up with Borderlinx. Register online and immediately receive your very own Hong Kong shipping address. You can start shopping Chinese and Hong Kong stores right away. Here’s how to shop & ship on Singles’ Day with Borderlinx.

Step 1. Visit Hong Kong and Chinese retailers during Singles’ Day and add items to your cart as you normally would.
Step 2. At the checkout page, enter your Borderlinx Hong Kong address as the shipping address. Place your order.
Step 3. Borderlinx will notify you when your packages have reached our distribution hub in Hong Kong.
Step 4. Sign in to your Borderlinx account to apply any promo codes you have and pay for shipping costs. When you’re done, release your packages from the warehouse to your home.
Step 5. Depending on the delivery method you choose, you’ll receive your packages in as little as two to five business days.

Happy shopping :)


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